Reading your Gas Meter

The type of gas meter you have will depend on the size of your business. If you are a small to medium sized business then the meter will typically be a dose tic sized one. If your business is larger the you will have an industrial and commercial gas meter fitted. A large number of businesses are now having smart meters fitted. The meter will either be imperial or metric. Imperial meters read gas in cubic feet where as metric meters read in cubic meters. Imperial meters will display four digits (ignore any digits after the decimal point). Metric meters display five digits (again ignore any digits after the decimal point). The meters should be checked every 2 years to ensure that they are accurate and safe.

Reading a digital business gas meter

They are read in a similar way to electricity meters. Read one digit at a time from left to right and take note of whether it is in cubic feet or meters. Ignore any red digits at the end. When you submit the figures make sure you state whether it is cubic feet or meters.

Reading a dial business gas meter

It may look complicated but only the bottom dials are required for your meter reading. Read the dials from left to right, but remember that each dial moves in the opposite dial to the next one. If the dial points directly over a number then use that one, if it is between two numbers use the lower one and if it is between 0 and 9 the use 9. If it is exactly on a number write it down and underline it. If an underlined number is followed by a 9 then take 1 away from the underlined number.

Reading an electronic business gas meter

Read one digit at a time from left to right and ignore any numbers in red. Remember to take a note of whether or not it is in cubic feet or meters.

Get into the habit of taking the reading monthly!