Letter of Authority or LoA

What is a Letter of Authority?

A Letter of Authority is a document that allows a third party intermediary, in this case us, to purchase energy and lease with your current supplier on your behalf.

They are legally recognised documents that are not only used in the energy industry but also in financial and medical scenarios where appropriate.

Letters of Authority follow a standard format, apply the correct grammar and provide details in-depth for all parties concerned. This ensures that everyone knows what is going on from the beginning and nothing can be mis-understood.

How we use a Letter of Authority

To help you get cheaper gas and electricity rates we need your permission to do this. In order for us two help you switch we need to provide your current supplier with a Letter of Authority that has been signed by someone in the business with authority to do so.

The LoA also allows us to manage administrative tasks that may arise as part of the switch.

In signing and submitting the LoA to us you are giving us permission to talk to suppliers on your behalf. It is not an obligation that you have to take a quote that we provide.

How do you get a LoA

Don’t panic you do not have to create your own Letter of Authority. At 360 Business Fusion we have one that we provide to all clients.

It states that we can gather information, negotiate and submit a notice of termination on your behalf. But we do not have the right to agree to a contract without your consent. Any contract that is agreed will be one that you have selected and provided consent for.

Download the form below and submit when you contact us to get the ball rolling.