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Business Telephone Lines – A quick guide

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Analogue lines – Back to the future

Analogue lines can still be found in many business and residential properties throughout the UK. The analogue network is known as the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). This allows people to make calls through your local telephone exchange, via a network of copper wires, you just need a telephone that’s plugged into a wall.

Analogue telephone lines provide limited functionality. You only get one number per line but you have extensions and you only you’ll only have access to basic call features.

Digital Business Telephone Lines – Current

A digital business telephone line provides fare more functionality than analogue lines. This allows businesses to have multiple channels. This allows companies to allocate Direct Direct Dials to different departments and employees.

These use ISDN lines which provide between 8-30 channels

Internet Telephone line – VOIP – The Future

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems often transmits data over the internet, but you don’t need to have a PBX system in order to use VoIP devices. Instead, you can make calls via a remote system operated by your service provider.

This system gives you even more functionality than an ISDN line but still includes the option for Direct Dials.

Increase in offshore wind power expansion

With plenty of wind around due to storm Gareth it got me thinking about using wind power for producing energy.

It is hoped that renewable energy will provide a third of the UK’s electricity by 2030 and the government is backing an expansion in the use of offshore wind power.

A deal has been brokered between the government and offshore wind sector to invest £250m over the next 11 years in exchange for participation in £557m of state subsidies in renewable energy.

This deal will hopefully drive an increase in the amount of clean, offshore power that is available to power homes but more importantly businesses across the UK.

You don’t however, have to wait until 2030 to take advantage of green, renewable energy. Why not contact us to switch to a green energy deal?